What Is A Water Pressure Regulator Valve?

If you have a hope built after the 80s, chances are that you have a water pressure regulator valve. These devices take water at a very high pressure coming from the main city supply and step it down to a lesser pressure. Since most water coming from the city main is at a very high pressure, these devices can save you lots of money in wear and tear. More on why pressure valves are important below…

Why Are Pressure Regulators Important?

Since the water coming into your home from the main line on the street is at a very high pressure, it is important to bring the water pressure down before it enters your home. This is important because:

  • Plumbing fixtures can wear over time with high pressure water
  • Your water bills will be very high if the water pressure is too much
  • Your water heater cannot take water at too high pressure
  • The joints in your plumbing pipes can wear from high pressure water

How To Maintain Your Pressure Regulator

Pressure regulators won’t last forever, and when they do fail, it’s important to call a professional plumbing company to replace them. Since these devices protect your home and plumbing system from the dangers of high-pressure water, it’s important to look out for the failure signs and replace them right away. Here are some signs your pressure regulator might be on it’s last legs:

  • You hear banging and clanging when you turn on the water in your home
  • You hear a loud slam when you shut off a faucet or flush a toilet
  • You notice that your water pressure has increases

Check out the video below on water pressure regulator adjustments:

Looking For A Plumber To Adjust Or Replace Your Pressure Regulator?

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