What Is The Best Plumbing Pipe For Water Supply Lines?

If you’re thinking about getting the water supply lines in your home re-piped, then you need to make a decision between using copper piping or PEX tubing. In this article, we will break down the main differences between these plumbing pipes, their advantages, and their disadvantages. If you have questions about the right types of plumbing pipes for your home, we would encourage you to call us.

Copper Pipes

Copper pipes are much more expensive than PEX tubing. Copper is the highest standard of plumbing piping you can use for water supply lines for several reasons:

  • They Are Long-Lasting: Copper pipes can last up to 70 years. When compared to PEX tubing, which usually has about a 40-year life span, copper can be a better choice in the long run.
  • Copper Won’t Rust: Due to its chemical makeup, copper piping will not rust, making it a great choice for water supply lines.
  • Adds Value To Your Home: Homes with copper supply lines can appraise for more money when being sold due to the fact that they contain a higher level of construction.

PEX Tubing

PEX, on the other hand, is a plastic plumbing pipe that is becoming very popular nowadays. In fact, in most new construction PEX is becoming the “go-to” plumbing pipe for water supply lines. There are many reasons to consider using PEX:

  • They Easily Bend Around Corners: Unlike copper piping, which has to be sweated with a blow torch in order to bend, PEX tubing can easily be shaped around corners and through tight spaces due to its flexibility. This can save you money in time/labor costs from your plumber.
  • PEX Is Less Expensive: PEX is considerably less expensive when compared to copper piping.
  • PEX Won’t Freeze: Unlike copper, PEX tubing will not freeze if there happens to be a colder day in Southern California :).
  • PEX Can Have A Shutoff Valve: Due to the way it is laid, PEX tubing can come to a central shutoff valve, making it easier to control your water flow in case of a plumbing leak or something else.

Check out the video below on the differences between these two plumbing pipe options:

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