Tankless Water Heater Benefits

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What Type Of Water Heater Is Right For You? So, you're thinking about replacing your water heater and you've been hearing about tankless water heaters a lot. Not sure what type of water heater is right for you? In this article we will break down the advantages of a tankless heater when compared to

Water Pressure Regulator Valves | What You Need To Know

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What Is A Water Pressure Regulator Valve? If you have a hope built after the 80s, chances are that you have a water pressure regulator valve. These devices take water at a very high pressure coming from the main city supply and step it down to a lesser pressure. Since most water coming from

Copper vs. PEX: What Is The Best Plumbing Pipe For My Home?

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What Is The Best Plumbing Pipe For Water Supply Lines? If you're thinking about getting the water supply lines in your home re-piped, then you need to make a decision between using copper piping or PEX tubing. In this article, we will break down the main differences between these plumbing pipes, their advantages, and

What Is A Backflow Preventer And How Does It Work?

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Backflow Prevention Backflow prevention is a process by which a plumber installs a backflow preventer (see diagram above) to help protect the quality of your home or business's water. A backflow prevention device's sole job is to protect drinking water from contaminants that might occur due to "backflow". Backflow is when water flows in

At-Home Plumbing Tips For San Diego County Residents

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At-Home Plumbing Tips for San Diego Residents If you’re like many North County homeowners, plumbing leaks can be enough to drive you mad. When you have a plumbing issue, you have to find a reputable plumber near you and then wait for him to arrive and solve your problem. But there are some at-home plumbing

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