Backflow Prevention

Backflow prevention is a process by which a plumber installs a backflow preventer (see diagram above) to help protect the quality of your home or business’s water. A backflow prevention device’s sole job is to protect drinking water from contaminants that might occur due to “backflow”. Backflow is when water flows in the opposite direction through a plumbing system. When sewage water flows in the opposite direction, it could contaminate your drinking water. Here is what you need to know about backflow prevention…

How Does Backflow Occur?

Backflow occurs when pressure changes in a pipe causing the water to flow in an opposite direction. For example, when a fire hydrant is turned on, it can create different pressures in the pipe and cause water from the main supply line into a home or business to flow back into the main water supply. This can contaminate the water with sewage, fertilizers, soap from dishwashers and sinks, or even chlorine from a swimming pool. Backflow prevention system stop this from occuring. In many areas, backflow preventers are even required to protect the local drinking water.

How Does A Backflow Preventer Work?

A backflow preventer is a device that gets installed on a pipe that only allow water to flow in a single direction. This single flow of water prevents backflow from occurring when there are changes in pressure in the plumbing pipes. The backflow preventer is usually placed in between the water main line supply (city or community water) and the main lines that are running into your home or business. Backflow preventers can also be installed at the water meter in residential applications. Here is a great video explaining backflow prevention below:

Do I Need A Backflow Preventer?

In many municipalities and cities, backflow preventers might already be installed at the main water lines. In other cases, there could be local laws requiring businesses or homes with certain appliances to install backflow systems. Here is a good resource on backflow prevention regulations in the San Diego area.

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